What’s The Difference Between Russet And Idaho Potatoes?

Isn’t a potato always a potato no matter what it’s called? Well, not really. More than 200 different potato types are available in the United States, with each one falling into one of seven categories: russet, red, white, yellow, fingerling, blue/purple, and petite. 

So the question is what’s the difference between Russet and Idaho potatoes? The basic difference between Idaho and russet potatoes is that Idaho potatoes are grown in the state of Idaho in the United States, but russet potatoes can be grown anyplace.

When selecting a potato for a recipe, consider whether it is starchy, waxy, or all-purpose, as the answer will directly impact the outcome of the recipe. In this article, I will discuss Russet and Idaho Potatoes and go through the differences. 

Are Russet Potatoes And Idaho Potatoes The Same Thing?

Of course not. Some people incorrectly assume that Idaho potatoes are a type of potato. Any potato cultivated in Idaho can be called Idaho potatoes. 

What Are Idaho Potatoes?

Simply described, Idaho potatoes are potatoes produced in the state of Idaho. The Idaho Potato Commission has trademarked the title as “Grown in Idaho”, which is applied to Idaho potatoes that are distributed all over the world. 

While russet potatoes provide for the bulk of Idaho’s potato output, other kinds such as red potatoes, fingerlings, and Yukon Gold are also available. 

Every year, the state harvests 13 billion pounds of potatoes, with some sold fresh and others used for frozen cuisine, french fries, etc. 

Since 97 percent of Americans eat potatoes and the normal individual consumes 111 pounds per year, Idaho potatoes are in high demand.

What Are Russet Potatoes?

One of the most popular potatoes is a brown-skinned, oblong potato with a white inside. It has tough skin and a lot of eyeballs, and it could get relatively large. 

The russet has low moisture content and high carbohydrate contents, making it ideal for baking, boiling, and frying French fries.

Russet potatoes are produced in two different kinds. The Russet Burbank is the most common type, with an oblong form and medium skin that is light brown. It features a soft and fluffy white flesh that bakes up beautifully. 

The Russet Norkotah is another type. It’s likewise oblong, but with thicker skin that looks more pleasing. When cooked, it is not as light and fluffy as the Burbank.

The Difference Between Idaho Potatoes And Russet Potatoes

Topic of DifferentiationRusset PotatoesIdaho Potatoes
Also called AsIt is also known as Burbank or Russet Burbank potatoes.“Idaho potato” is a common word for any potatoes that grow only in the state of Idaho in the United States.
Outlook It has a soft textured dark brown. It grows big and has few eyes.The skin is rockier and the size ranges from medium to little. The skin can also be easily removed.
Place Russet potatoes are cultivated in Idaho as well, although not exclusively. They are also well-known in other parts of the United States.Idaho potatoes are produced in the state of Idaho, in the United States of America. Idaho also grows over 25 more potato varieties, including Yukon Golds, Reds, and Fingerlings.
Cooking MethodsRusset potatoes are popular for mashed and fried dishes, but they are not suggested for baking due to their sweeter flavor.Idaho potatoes are best served broiled and mashed, rather than cooked and roasted.

What Are Idaho Potatoes Best Used For? 

Idaho potatoes are the best-tasting potatoes in the world. Most of the potatoes are grown here, which is one of the most fertile areas in the country. Many varieties of potatoes are grown there. 

However, the most popular variety is Russet Burbank, which is a dry, mealy and floury potato. Idaho potatoes are great for frying, baking, and mashing. 

The flavor of Idaho potatoes depends on the variety, with russets having a mild, pleasing potato flavor. 

The interior is fluffy when baked, and the exterior crisps in the oven or fryer. While the skin is a different color and texture, it does not have much difference in flavor.

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What Are Russet Potatoes Best Used For?

Russet potatoes are starchy potatoes that are long and broad, with brown, earthy skins that are harsh to the touch. When sliced raw, a russet holds its hardness, but when cooked, it gives a soft, fluffy inside.

Russets are great for not just baking and roasting, but also frying and sautéing, as well as mashing. 

The carbohydrate content of russet potatoes is what makes them perfect for baking since it gives them that fluffy feel. The mild flavor of russet potatoes makes them ideal for baking. 

They’re a blank canvas on which to simply create the baked, filled potato of your dreams – everything from cheese and chili to beef stew is perfectly fine. They’re also ideal for making potato chips.

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Which Are Better Idaho Or Russet Potatoes?

Idaho potatoes are best. When it comes to potatoes, Idaho tops. In fact, over 60% of all potatoes grown in the US are Idaho potatoes. 

Besides being outstandingly delicious, Idaho potatoes are known for their beautiful, smooth texture and their variety of colors.  

Though all potatoes are perfectly healthy, Idaho potatoes are the best choice for their high levels of potassium, fiber, and vitamin C. This is the reason why Idaho potatoes are the more popular ones when it comes to French fries, for example.

On the other hand, russets are best for baking, mashing, and frying. To get the best out of a russet, you should use them whole. They have less starch and a firmer texture than the new potatoes. If potatoes are not fresh, then they might be bitter in taste.

What’s So Special About Idaho Potatoes? 

Potatoes are cultivated in Idaho’s particular atmosphere, which is practically ideal for producing them. Idaho’s land, good water, clean air, climate, and expertise of farmers make its potatoes better than those cultivated elsewhere.

The climate of Idaho is favorable. The majority of Idaho’s potatoes are farmed in the eastern part of the state, at elevations of 4500 to 5000 feet. 

Summer day temperatures can reach the mid-80s due to the high altitude. The temperature drops to the low 40s in the evenings. These are wonderful growth conditions for potatoes.

The water also plays a major role. Eastern Idaho’s potato-growing area is located at the foot of the beautiful Teton Mountains. They gather snow, making them an excellent winter playground! 

The runoff fills reservoirs and replenishes the subsurface aquafer in the spring. This water is utilized to irrigate the potatoes during the growing season.

The soil is also essential. Thousands of years ago, the Snake River Plain in Idaho was covered with volcanic dust. As a result, light soil was generated, ideal for producing potatoes. The ash also provided a significant amount of trace minerals.

Finally, Idaho farmers have years of potato-growing expertise and understanding. They are the world’s research leaders thanks to groundbreaking studies to enhance soil, preservation, and processing.

Idaho is home to the world’s most advanced storage research facility and the most environmentally supervised commercial storage facilities of any growing location.

Do Idaho Potatoes Taste Good?

All of the mentioned growth conditions are ideal for developing a potato with high solids and low moisture content. Therefore:

  • Idaho potatoes are fluffier than others when baked. 
  • Idaho potatoes cook crispier and absorb less oil than other potatoes. 
  • Idaho potatoes have a fluffy, uniform texture when mashed.

What’s So Special About Russet Potatoes?

Russet potatoes are an old, widely grown variety of potatoes. They are very common in the U.S. and are the type of potato most often eaten by Americans.

Russet potatoes come from a very specific variety of potatoes. They are starchy, long, and oval-shaped. They are the perfect mash potato, and when cooked, the inside is creamy, and the outside is crispy. 

The reason they are so perfect for this is their high starch content. All potatoes have a high starch content, and when cooked, the starch can become creamy white, or crispy and firm. 

For russet potatoes, the starch is more firm, and when cooked, the outside gets a little crispy, and the inside remains creamy. For this reason, they are the perfect potato for frying, mashing, or roasting. They are also extremely flavorful.

Can I Use Idaho Potatoes Instead Of Russet Potatoes?

Of course, you can. Idaho potatoes are an excellent alternative to Russet potatoes.

Idaho Potatoes and Russet Potatoes are varieties of the same plant species. In a way, they are almost identical to one another. As Russet potatoes are a bit more starchy, so they’re more popular in most restaurants. 

According to most Idaho growers, Idaho Potatoes have better digestibility and are more flavorful than Russet Potatoes. Although they are not as popular as Russets, they are tastier.

Russet Or Idaho Potatoes – Which One Is Better For Mashed Potatoes?

Because of their high starch content, Russet or Idaho potatoes are ideal for mashed potatoes. The rough skin of Russet or Idaho potatoes should be peeled first. There is no noticeable variation in flavor between the two. Both work well for the mashed potatoes.

Since Russet potatoes have a lot of starch, your meal will be lighter and fluffier. These thick-skinned potatoes come apart as they boil, resulting in fluffy, light potatoes. 

As a result, they’re great for mashing. High-starch potatoes are the best-baked potatoes because they have a light, mealy feel.

On the other hand, Idaho potatoes have some advantages for the region, good water, fresh air, and environment. 

The perfect combination makes its potatoes better than other potatoes produced elsewhere. You will get a more smooth texture from Idaho potatoes when smashed.

Russet VS Idaho Potatoes – Which One Is Better For Soup?

Idaho or russet potato is not ideal for soup. Though you can use it for a particular item. They have a mealy feel and are heavy in starch and low in moisture. 

They will absorb liquid and lose their form in soups. However, you can use them to thicken soups or to make creamy soups.

Russet potatoes (also known as Burbank potatoes) are huge potatoes with a thick brown peel that quickly falls apart when cooked or boiled. 

However, after you’ve whipped them up, they’re fantastic. This potato is wonderful if you want a creamy texture or a creamy mashed potato soup.

Russet VS Idaho Potatoes – Which One Is Better For Salad?

Traditional potatoes, such as Russets or Idaho, are not suitable for potato salad. Russet or Idaho potatoes have a drier, starchier texture that breaks down more easily when cooked. 

This potato absorbs the dressing like a sponge, resulting in a softer, creamier potato salad. The extra starch creates a fluffy texture in baked potatoes and French fries, but not in salads. 

The potato must contend with a delicious and frequently rich sauce in this dish. Starchier potatoes will break down when cut, diced, and blended, starting to mash and leaving a layer of potato on top of everything.

Idaho Or Russet – Which One Is Better For Baked Potatoes?

Technically, any sort of potato can be used to prepare baked potatoes. But, when it comes to making the tastiest baked potatoes, I feel Russets are the way to go. 

For good reason, russet potatoes are the popular option. Russets are heavy in starch and low in moisture, so they bake up light and fluffy. 

Russet potatoes have thick skins, which allow them to crisp up beautifully in the oven. The insides are starchy, resulting in a filling that is especially fluffy and sweet.

Choose medium-sized potatoes that are all around the same size so they cook in the same amount of time. Large potatoes will take an eternity to cook all the way through.

Over To You

Russet potatoes are actually a variety of potatoes that come from Idaho. Idaho is the most prominent potato-growing state in the United States. 

Both potatoes are high in nutrients and have a pleasant taste for potato fans, but they also have their own unique characteristics. 

So, what do you think after reading the article? Let me know in the comment box and throw some questions if you have any. Share this with your friends and family.  

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