Does Potato Salad Make You Gain Weight?

Gaining weight is just as much of a challenge as reducing it. But figuring out the perfect diet to gain weight healthily can be tricky, especially with lots of misleading pieces of information on the internet today. While some argue about the benefits of a high-calorie diet, others talk about a high protein one. Amidst the various recipes you can make, Potato Salad is a relatively easy one, the first recommendation by many. 

So the question is, does potato salad make you gain weight? Potato salads can assist you in gaining weight. The recipe of Potato salads includes a high amount of carbohydrate and fats from potatoes and Mayonnaise. Aside from a high protein diet, eating dense carbs and calorie enriched foods are a great addition to your weight gaining diet chart. Although, too much consumption of potato salad is unhealthy since chances of Ketosis increase after a certain period of time.

However, there are some concerning issues. No worries! We will discuss those below. And you can easily avoid those. I also added what type of potato salads are useful for you? So, keep reading.

Can You Gain Weight By Eating Potato Salad?

The most essential nutrients our body needs are protein, carbohydrates, and fats to gain weight. Depending upon the recipe content of your potato salad, you can increase or decrease the amount of calorie intake. 

Essentially potato salads are made with deep-fried potatoes, lots of mayonnaise, and butter which constitutes a considerable amount of “bad fat” and calories when consumed hot. It lacks the primary, most important nutrient, high protein for gaining muscle weight. 

On the contrary, bad fats are well known to cause inflammation and bloating. While some dietitians encourage the occasional intake of potato-integrated meals, the amount of weight you will gain by habitually eating potato salads will be unhealthy in the long run. 

What Does Eating Potato Salad Do To Your Body And What Does Potato Salad Have To Do With Weight Gain?

Cold potato salads are beneficial to intestinal health since they possess resistant starch, which aids in the feeding of good bacteria.

The glucose in the potatoes grows resistive to human digestion after being chilled, but they still make their way through the gastrointestinal system to feed the microorganisms.

Potassium from potatoes lowers blood pressure, while the fiber in potatoes assists in lowering cholesterol. Niacin, a nutrient that transforms food into energy and enhances general circulation, is also found in potatoes.

However, potato salads also have a substantial saturated fat content. Excessive eating of saturated fat increases your chances of becoming overweight.

Is Potato Salad Good For A Bodybuilder Diet?

Bodybuilders generally have a particular diet chart that they follow to maintain their physique throughout the day. Given that protein-enriched foods are essential for bodybuilders, whether or not potato salads are suitable for a post-workout meal is debatable.

Some argue that similar to how protein shakes operate, carb-rich potatoes have been shown to replenish diminished glycogen stores, which the body loses as sweat after a workout.

Again, the fat contents of mayonnaise and sour cream used in potato salads are often skipped and criticized by some bodybuilders. It is also beneficial to consider the opinion of your trainer in this aspect. 

Does Eating Potato Salad Daily Increase Weight?

Several studies have proved that as long as the potato is steamed or baked and prepared without adding too much salt or saturated fat, it can’t be harmful to eat potatoes daily.

However, you must know that excess calories can contribute to weight gain irrespective of food source. Complete, unadulterated potatoes are unlikely to cause weight gain when consumed in excess and as part of a healthy lifestyle.

But when prepared in association with saturated fat ingredients such as butter and mayonnaise, a daily intake of potato salad is not a good option. Although they aid in increasing weight, daily consumption of them is unhealthy. 

What Types Of Potato Salads Make You Gain Weight?

You can enrich the calorie content of your potato salad as per the requirement to gain weight. You can add heavy cream, sour cream, butter, and bacon bits. 

Is Mustard Potato Salad Good For You?

It may get monotonous to follow the same recipe for your potato salad again and again. If you’re looking for a flavor twist on your regular potato salad recipe, adding mustard is a great option.

Mustard is well known to be an excellent remedy for respiratory diseases, muscle pains, and even constipation. Given that potato salad has a healthy side, adding mustard will accentuate its nutrient percentage and make it favorable.

A half-cup of mustard potato salad consists of 25grams of total carbohydrates and around 170 calories. Mustard potato salad is definitely a good option over mayo potato salad to gain weight for this reason. 

Is Mayo Potato Salad Good For You?

One of the highest fat and calorie enriched food items is Mayonnaise. Be it any salad, you cannot go without Mayonnaise even though many dietitians label it unhealthy if consumed excessively.

Essentially, Mayonnaise-based potato salads are bound to make you gain considerable weight if you can include it in your recipe every day. Mayonnaise also contains sodium responsible for keeping the nerves and muscles moving smoothly and balancing our body fluids.

The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in Mayonnaise make it an “unsaturated fat” component of your potato salad which lowers your body’s cholesterol levels and risks of heart diseases.

Is Potato Salad Good For Muscle Gain?

Since it is loaded with amino acids, which your body may or may not generate, protein is among the most important macronutrients for muscular proper growth and development.

That’s why it’s critical to consume protein after an exercise to replenish this muscle-building nutrition. You may boost the protein content of your potato salad by adding bacon, eggs, and heavy cream.

Given that potatoes are a fantastic source of potassium and carbohydrates, consume them after your workouts to replenish your energy and accelerate muscle healing. In this way, potato salads will help you build muscle and burn fat to a certain amount.

What Happens If You Eat Too Much Potato Salad?

Potato salad is high in calories and carbs. If you overeat, you’ll gain a lot of weight due to your body going under  Ketosis.

Because once your body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to break down for energy, it enters ketosis. Instead, it burns fat to produce ketones, which it can use as an energy source. 

However, you may avoid the “bad fat” damaging your body if you correctly weigh and measure your potato salad.  

You could even use Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise to dress the salad. Greek yogurt has the same creamy texture as mayonnaise but with added health advantages such as protein and calcium.

Recommended Items You May Need To Make a Healthy Potato Salad

  • High Protein Greek Yogurt

Yoplait Greek 100 Protein Yogurt 5.3 ounces (Pack of 12) (Vanilla)

As said before, Greek yogurts are great substitutes for mayonnaise in your potato salad. Especially the ones packed with protein are indeed beneficial to gaining weight.

In a 5.3 oz single-serving cup, Yoplait delivers delightfully flavored gluten-free Greek yogurt with 14-15 grams of protein loaded into 100 calories.

All you need to add color to your potato salad is a great taste and thicker texture from Yoplait(R), with no artificial additives or aromas and no high fructose corn syrup. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this greek yogurt before it runs out!


  • Low-fat Mayonnaise

HELLMANNS Light Mayonnaise

The high-fat mayonnaise used to decorate potato salads is one of the things that many detest about them. Potato salad should be protein-rich first, and low-fat ingredients should be utilized, especially for bodybuilders. 

You’ll be pleased to learn that Hellmann’s Light Mayonnaise contains only 35 calories each tablespoon and 3.5 grams of fat per serving – that’s 60 per cent fewer fat and calories with all of Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise’s rich, velvety flavor.

For your convenience, it comes in a straightforward mayonnaise squeeze bottle. Many Hellmann faithful customers have also stated that this mayonnaise has no aftertaste, does not have flavors like the full-fat version, and has an excellent mouthfeel. Now is the time to order your at-


  • Mustard to add flavor in your potato salad

Kraft Salad Dressing, Honey Mustard, 16oz

Adding mustard to your potato salad will do more than just enhance the flavour due to the numerous health benefits mustard provides. 

Made with robust Dijon mustard and sweet, pure honey, Kraft Honey Mustard Condiment is a mellow and sweet dressing. It’s ideal to complement a nutritious dinner with its smooth and zesty flavor.

Honey Mustard from Kraft is so versatile that it’s not just for salads. You can use it to top burgers and sandwiches and prepare delicious main dishes like Honey Mustard Parmesan Chicken Breasts!


  • Protein Puffs to enrich the calorie content of your salad

IWON Organics Cheddar Cheese Flavor Protein Puff

Many people continue an old custom of using bread crumbs in salads. But what about protein puffs? That’s got to be a fresh take on the situation.

Well, with IWON Organics Cheddar Cheese Flavor Protein Puff, you can easily and quickly boost the calorie level of your potato salad. 

According to IWON Organics, plant-based proteins can significantly benefit your health and the environment. Not only to help you gain weight, but they’re also on a quest to teach you how healthy can be made delicious.

So, while you enjoy your potato salad, these protein-rich snacks help you improve muscular endurance, maintain consistent energy levels, and increase your metabolism!



As you can see, there are both healthy and unhealthy takes on Potato Salads depending upon the quantity and times of serving. Now, what do you think suits best for your body diet? Have we been able to answer all your queries?

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