Can I Eat Baked Potato Skin?

Potato skins are very famous nowadays as a rich portion of fiber, minerals and vitamins. People keep potato skins in their diet chart to get the perfect amount of nutrition. 

Also, all ages people love to eat snacks of baked potato skins using various types of spices and toppings.

Can I eat baked potato skin? The answer is yes. You can eat baked potato skin. But you have to clean potato skins perfectly. You should not eat the potato skins that have green spots, visible insect damage, blacked areas or surface. 

Here, I gathered some information, tips and tricks using baked potato skins. Hope after knowing the benefit of baked potato skin, you may save your potato skins from the next time. 

Are Potato Skins Hard To Digest?

We know potato skins as a very healthy, edible and nutritious portion of potato. But potato skins are partly indigestible. It’s not a matter of worry as it’s not causing harm to your health, rather it is good for your health. 

You can find different types of cellulose in the indigestible part of potato skins that you may know as insoluble dietary fiber. Your body needs this type of fiber for stool formation and normal operation of your digestive function. 

You can get these important ingredients from potato skins as it increases the quantity of fiber in your meal and is also safe. 

Moreover, the digestion of potato skins depends on how you puree them. If you puree potato skins, the digestion may be faster as they break faster.

Your body doesn’t need any extra time to digest potato skins. It is the same as any other food. So, undoubtedly, baked potato skins are okay for your health.

Can You Eat The Dirt Skin On Baked Potato?

You can eat baked potato skin, but you have to make sure that you wash and clean the skin perfectly. It’s very important to make sure your potato skins are safe to eat.

To clean dirt off potato skins, you can scrub the potatoes under cold water. You can use vegetable brushes to clean dirt properly. I can suggest Russets that help you to remove dirt and debris from potato skins. 

If there are any spots or sprouts on the skin, you must remove them with the tip of your knife. If you find any green parts, you need to cut the portion. 

Is The Skin Of A Baked Potato Fattening?

Potato skins are more nutritious than the interior part of the potato. If you eat plain baked potato skins, it’s not fattening; rather it’s super healthy for you. 

When you eat baked potato skins with loaded butter, sour cream and cheese, then  it must be fattening. Also, if you fry them in deep oil, it can be fattening. 

Otherwise, a baked potato skin contains the natural amount of fat and it’s cholesterol free also. You can eat baked potato skins in your weight loss journey. There is nothing new to say about the nutritious, minerals and vitamins baked potato skins provide to your body. 

So, it’s your choice in which way you want to eat the baked potato skins. If you maintain it in a healthy way, the baked potato skins are not fattening. 

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Baked Potato Skins?

As there are unlimited benefits of eating baked potato skins, it’s quite tough to mention all. Here I have tried to list the major benefits that you can get from baked potato skins. 

If you eat only baked potato skin, you must get more protein and fiber than eating the whole baked potato. 

Baked potato skin contains many important vitamins such as vitamin B which provides energy for numerous functions. It also helps to reduce stress.

You may eat baked potato skins by making many delicious appetizers. You can use butter, cheese, and sour cream to increase the taste. But as long as you don’t load up potato skin with these, it’s low in calories and provides so many health benefits.

In the list of benefits of baked potato skin, there are: helps with digestion, manages blood pressure, keeps bones strong, wards off disease and so on. 

Benefits To Good Digestion

Fiber is crucially important for the human body to maintain a healthy digestive system. It is the cellulose part of your food. 

Your body cannot digest the elements. It adds bulk and absorbs water so that your stool can be softened and it can pass smoothly through your digestive system and prevent constipation. 

Benefits To Your Bones

As potato skin contains certain minerals including magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, iron, calcium, and phosphorus, it’s important for your body to maintain your bone structure and strength. 

You can maintain your bone density by eating baked potato skin. Baked potato skin contains phosphorus which is important to improve bone mineral content and bone density. 

Baked potatoes help you to support the structure and hardness of your teeth and bones as it is enriched with calcium. The deficiencies of calcium in your body can cause low bone mass and bone fractures. So you can eat baked potato skin to cover the necessity of calcium in your body. 

To hold your bones together, you can eat baked potato skin. Because there are copper, zinc and iron in potato skins that help your body to synthesize collagen, a must-needed component for your bone. 

Anti-Allergy And Immunity Benefits

You can get immune benefits for your allergy and immunity from baked potato skins. Baked potato skins are a natural source of flavonoids. It’s a type of phytonutrients, protect your body from diseases and infection as it exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.  

In baked potato skins, you can find a type of flavonoid called quercetin. It’s popular for its stimulation of the immune system and also has antiviral properties that can cause histamine release.

Benefits In Managing Blood Pressure

Blood pressure issues are very common nowadays for our improper and unhealthy life. But eating baked potato skin, an easily available ingredient, can manage your blood pressure naturally as it’s enriched with lots of minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Potassium is a very essential mineral for your body as it helps your muscles function and it’s very important to relax the walls of blood vessels. It helps you to keep your blood pressure lower. 

Another important point is that you need potassium to control irregular heartbeat as it conducts electrical signals in your heart. The other necessary element that you get from baked potato skin is Magnesium. 

Magnesium is the most needed mineral as it plays a vital role to carry calcium and potassium ions across cell membranes. This process helps to maintain normal heart rhythm and also the regulation of blood pressure.

Benefits From Choline

Choline is a compound that is the building block of lecithin. It is also a part of cell walls, plasma, and lipoprotein.

It is emergent for your brain and nervous system because it plays a vital role in regulating your mood memory. Not only that, choline is equally important to control your muscle among other functions. 

How Long Do You Bake Potato Skins? 

It does not take much time to bake potato skins. The timing depends on which type of skins you want to bake. Potato skins can be raw, frozen, and the skin intact with the potato itself. 

If you baked the potato skin with potatoes, it may take about 1 hour to bake the skin. If you use the oven to bake your frozen potato skin, you will have to wait 12 minutes to make perfect baked potato skin. 

To make homemade baked potato skins, you may need the same time more or less.

How To Make A Baked Potato Skin Crispy?

The ingredients that you need to make potato skin chips are –

  1. Potato peels soaked overnight in saltwater
  2. Paprika
  3. Cayenne
  4. Pepper, salt
  5. Olive oil. 

I’m mentioning the steps that you need to follow in order to make a baked potato skin crispy below – 

  • Step 1: You should also take a kitchen roll on a baking tray. Now, preheat your oven to 190 degrees centigrade.
  • Step 2: Now remove potato peels from the water and put them on the kitchen roll.
  • Step 3: Then let them dry. After being dry, keep them in the baking tray and drizzle some olive oil and rub them all together.
  • Step 4: Put some salt, pepper, and all other ingredients. You have to put them in a small amount. Then rub them again together. 
  • Step 5: Lastly, put the baking tray into the preheated oven and keep it for 15 minutes. 

Your potato skin crisps are ready to enjoy!

What Are The Risks Of Baked Potato Skin?

In general, there are no risks of baked potato skin. But in some cases, it can be risky for you to eat baked potato skin. 

According to the report of Cornell University graduate student Barry Gosselin, toxic chemical compounds found naturally in potatoes may be hazardous to health if eaten in large amounts.

From the study, we can know that if you consume a large amount of chemical compounds that are in potato peels naturally, you may suffer from headaches, nausea and diarrhea. 

If you find your potato skins turn green you shouldn’t use or eat them. You should peel your potato at least two to three millimeters to get rid of the toxicant. 

Mercer said that the skins of potatoes are no worse or better than several other plant foods in their toxicity potential. 

“It can become worse when potatoes turn green from exposure to light. Direct light causes chlorophyll buildup. The tuber after all is a modified stem so when light enters, it turns green and builds chlorophyll, a bitter-tasting substance. There is a relationship between light and chlorophyll and it does affect the increase of alkaloid, which is poisonous. But you would have to have quite a buildup to have a negative effect. The bitterness alone will cause anyone–even cows–to spit it out,” Mercer said.

So, you have to make sure that you clean potato skins perfectly before eating. 

Some Recipes For Baked Potatoes Skins Or Peels

There are lots of delicious and mouthwatering recipes for baked potato skin or peels. Here I have mentioned some of my favorite recipes that I hope you’ll like also. It’s very easy to make also. 

Loaded Potato Skins With Sour Cream And Onion Dip

To make loaded potato skins with sour cream and onion dip you should follow the following steps –

  • Step 1: You have to take raw potatoes according to your need. 
  • Step 2: Then rub the potatoes with a little bit of olive oil.
  • Step 3: Now sprinkle some salt and poke them a few times.
  • Step 4: Put them into a 400-degree heated oven for an hour. 
  • Step 5: After 1 hour, put them out and let them cool perfectly. 
  • Step 6: Now you have to scoop it a little bit carefully. You don’t need to scoop all the flesh of the potato from the skin. You have to put some flesh on the skin.
  • Step 7: After that, you have to pour a little amount of olive oil on the inside and season them with some salt.
  • Step 8: Gently massage the salt and pepper all over the potato skin and put them back into the hot oven.
  • Step 9: It’s time to cook the dip. Put the bacon in cold cast iron.
  • Step10: Next, take sour cream with full fat, and some mayo with full fat.
  • Step 11: Put some dehydrated onion flakes, black paper and a small amount of apple cider vinegar(optional), a small dash of Worcestershire sauce, and a little bit of hot sauce.
  • Step 12: Now, mix all these ingredients well and put some chopped chives according to your taste.
  • Step 13: Put the mixture aside and bring out the potato skin from the oven after 15 minutes. Shred some cheese into it, then add crispy bacon. Repeat the process two or three times more.
  • Step 14: Put it in the oven again for 10 minutes.
  • Step 15: After 15 minutes, bring them out and enjoy your meal with the dip.

Product Recommendation For Baking Potato Skin

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If you search for the best peeler to peel your potato skin so it peels smoothly, I can suggest you OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler, one of the best peelers you have ever seen. 

Many users shared their reviews using the peeler and they told that they are satisfied with this product. You can peel your potato skins smoothly within a second using it. 

As it has a very sharp blade, it peels so nicely. Even if you peel a tub full of potatoes, your hand never gets tired. There is also a handy gouger for potato eyes. 

This product is dishwasher safe with a stainless steel blade. It’s both easy and comfortable to use because of having a non-slip grip.

Fine Ground Celtic Sea Salt: (Salt For Baked Potato Skins)

You must need a good salt while baking potato skin to add some taste. I want to suggest Fine Ground Celtic Sea Salt, basically a classic sea salt. It’s one of the best salts for baking.

If you are conscious about your health and want to reduce your sodium intake, you should switch to Celtic Sea Salt.

Also, it adds a flavourful taste to your ordinary baked potato skins. If you use it once, I am quite sure that you must be satisfied with this inexpensive sea salt.

Over To You

In this article, I tried my best to gather information about eating baked potato skins to help you. Hope this article may assist you in giving you the information you searched for. 

Now you can eat baked potato skin but make sure that you clean the skins or peels of potato perfectly and that there is no dirt or any types of spots on the skins. 

If you know any other information about eating baked potato skins that I did not include here, feel free to share. If you find any help or solution from the article, share your experience with me too.

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